Tagging Instructions


  1. REGISTER On the sale's home page, click the "Register" button; this will allow you to sign up as a consignor. The system will assign your ID and you will select the password. Be sure to write this information down.
  2. GATHER AND ORGANIZE Put your items in order by GENDER and SIZE before you start. This will save time at Drop Off when you place your items on the sales floor after inspection. Go to recalls.gov or call 1.800.638.2772 for up to date recall information.
  3. PREPARE YOUR ITEMS Wash, iron, replace buttons, gather loose pieces of toys and do whatever is necessary to ensure that your items are in excellent condition. Items that do not meet our guidelines will be returned.

    * Hang clothing on hangers (use infant size hangers on sizes below 2T)
    * The hanger should look like a question mark when looking at the front of the garment.

    ***SKIRT HANGERS PREFERRED on pants, shorts, skirts, etc***
    Otherwise, safety pin pants, shorts, skirts, etc (See picture)
  4. COMPUTER ENTRY (It's quick, easy, & fun!) After registering, gather your clothing in a pile beside you at the computer. Go to www.new2uconsignment.com, select #4-Enter Items button, then enter your Consignor ID and Password and begin entering your items. Do this carefully and accurately. You will be able to save your work and come back to it later if you'd like. Once you have completely finished entering your items, you will then print your barcoded tags. The tags should be printed on white 8 1/2" x 11" cardstock (65, 67, or 110lb). Using a safety pin (no small gold ones) attach the barcoded tag vertically to the garment (see pictures). NOTE: The safety pin should be attached horizontally.
    Tupelo ITEM ENTRY DEADLINE IS MIDNIGHT Saturday, March 30th.
  5. DROP OFF Select #2-Drop Off button to sign up for a drop off appointment. When you arrive at drop off, bring in your items and Sign In at the check in table. Have your items ready for inspection at your appointment time. After your items have been inspected, you will place them on the sale floor. After placing your items on the sale floor, be sure to go by the check out table to receive your consignor pack. It will have all your important reminders and your early shopping pass.
  6. PICK UP DAY Check the sale schedule for the dates and times of item pick up. Be sure to select the Pick Up button to sign up for a pick up appointment. At pick up, you will receive a check for items sold and your unsold items (if you selected "Do Not Donate" during item entry).
  7. CONSIGNOR FEE SCHEDULE The consignor fee will be based on the number of items consigned.
    Items Consigned Fee Payment Method
    10-150 $16 Paid online at registration
    151-300 $32 $16 paid online & $16 due at drop off
    Consignors will be allowed maximum of 300 items (unless increase requested and approved by New 2 U. Approval is based on previous sales sell through rate being 50% or higher or willing to work a Sort shift).

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