Worker Information

One of the reasons our sale is such a success is YOU: our consignors and workers. If you are interested in working a shift during the sale, you will be invited to our Worker's Presale on the Tuesday before the sale.

Worker Presales


Gold (3 shifts - options listed below)
Option 1 - 1 Sort, 1 Wed, 1 Fri
Option 2 - 1 Sort, 2 Wed
Option 3 - 1 Sort, 2 Fri
Option 4 - 2 Sort, 1 Wed
Option 5 - 2 Sort, 1 Fri


Silver (3 shifts anytime)


Bronze (2 shifts - one shift must be sort)


Premier (2 shifts - both non-sort)


Worker (1 shift anytime)

Half Price Presale: Sorters shop on Friday from 4-9pm, workers from 5-9pm, and consignors from 6-9pm.

To work, simply follow the steps on the main page.

***If you signup to work and shop the presale but do not show up to work your shift, you will not be allowed to shop the presale again.***

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